Listener Supported Public…?

On September 28th, National Public Radio (NPR) recorded a live Animal Collective concert in Washington D.C. It’s available now as a Podcast. The audio is decent, and although it doesn’t capture (and no recording ever does) the wailing wall of sound they achieve live, you can get an idea of the approach. Plus, some new material!

“House” @ 18:00. Hopefully this will be on their next album. Great melody.
“Derek” @ 39:00. One of the great tracks of 2007. Drums.
“Daily Routine” @ 59:00. My favorite of the new tracks. I’m gaga for synthesizer, though.
“No More Running” @ 1:14:00. Atmospheric new ballad.
“Leaf House” @ 1:24:30. Incredible take of their 2004 track.

Also, this isn’t an Animal Collective blog. They’re just bad-ass.


~ by ohkrapp on October 31, 2007.

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