Krapp’s First Podcast

I had an minor lapse of artistic confidence today, so I stayed up until dawn doing something creative: recording a Podcast!

I breathe kind of heavily into the microphone and pronounce a bunch of names incorrectly, and some queer things happened to the fidelity when I compressed the file into an MP3– but it’ll do for a first effort. Isn’t Lo-Fi all the rage? (At least the songs are worthwhile.)

You can stream it from the above link, but I’ve also set up an RSS feed here so you can download the podcast (if you want to put it on your iPod, for example) and get automatic updates from KLBlog and automatically download KLPodcasts as they’re published.

Let me know what you think. I’ll try to get the ID3 (for your archiving purposes) fixed sooner than later, as well as the audio levels.

~ by ohkrapp on November 13, 2007.

3 Responses to “Krapp’s First Podcast”

  1. Really enjoyed the podcast. Excellent work. I think I’m going to record a podcast soon…..inspired is I.

    Volume levels for your voice were much lower than the music. Made it hard to listen to comfortably without headphones in.

    Anyway. Great work. I’ll continue tuning in.

  2. “now someone who puts jam on his biscuits.” many praises, and good to hear old gregg’s voice again.

  3. This is fantastic, great to hear your voice again and great songs. I love the Animal Collective concert.

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