On Turning 23

Here’s what some other people were doing at my age…

Wittgenstein went into self-imposed exile in Norway.
Joyce went into self-imposed exile in Switzerland.
Beckett started teaching at Ecole Normale (and met Joyce).
Nietzsche met Wagner (and started teaching at Basel).
Wagner wrote his second opera.
Mozart wrote his eleventh.
Kubrick and Tarkovsky directed their first films.
Tolstoy and Dostoevsky finished their first novels. (So did Fitzgerald.)
Proust published his first poetry collection.
Rimbaud had given up writing poetry two years before.
Schumann tried to kill himself.
Ian Curtis succeeded.
River Phoenix OD’d.
Miles Davis recorded
The Birth of Cool.
Caravaggio painted
Boy with a Basket of Fruit.
Brando played Stanley in Streetcar.
Van Gogh was a failed pastor.
Goethe was a failed lawyer.
Foucault and Sartre failed their
agrégations. (Deleuze and Aron passed.)
Céline was in the Cameroons, working for a lumber company.
Henry Miller was in Willamsburg, doing jack shit.


~ by ohkrapp on December 2, 2007.

3 Responses to “On Turning 23”

  1. okay, so n-xsche actually started teaching at basel when he was 24. alas, i have compromised truth for harmony!

  2. That is a gangster list. But what about . . . . ?

    Nicks was living in the Philippines reading voraciously, getting crunk, beginning to take himself seriously as a writer, and repeatedly fucking up the comment he was trying to leave on Greg’s blog.

    Hermann was studying at the Sorbonne, toying with the blogosphere, and fretting, as always, about getting older.

    Baker was finishing school in Norman, chilling with the homies and not reading Greg’s blog.

  3. ok, after reading this post I think I might go Schumann myself in the executive washroom. What were those guys doing at 26?

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