Arts and Letters Daily would be my homepage if iGoogle didn’t exist. It’s a blog sponsored by the Chronicle of Higher Education that collects interesting articles from diverse sources across the internet. They concern literature, philosophy, music, education, politics and general culture, although it tends towards the highbrow; get your 8 Diagrams reviews elsewhere.

Last week, I followed up on a controversial article in European Time announcing the death of French culture, added some crime fiction to my Amazon cart, found out that all this armchair philosophy I pretend to do is passé, and learned that Goethe essentially discovered caffeine. It’s like having a shrewd friend distill the intellnet (a word I use to dissociate the intellectually useful parts of the internet from MyFace, commerce, and the masturbation superhighway) into a piquant little package. Thanks to devoted reader, autodidact and Arsenal fan Sebastian for bringing this to my attention.


~ by ohkrapp on December 12, 2007.

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