No Clemency For Anthony Lane

If I want wry lawmen and smart, calculating fugitives, I’ll get them from Elmore Leonard; and, if I want Leonard, I’ll take him neat, rather than slow-filtered, drop by drop, through a layer of Faulkner, then laced with the Book of Jeremiah.” (“Hunting Grounds“)

Kudos to your brow reaching an all-time high, you insufferable, persnickety twat.


~ by ohkrapp on December 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “No Clemency For Anthony Lane”

  1. how am I to take this? am I to understand that you are head of the anti-Antony league, or are you saying hi is a lovable, if persnickety, old curmudgeon?

  2. Both! I’m conflicted!

    I feel like this would be inexcusable coming from anyone else. I understand the appeal. And the tradition: Lane and Denby aspire to the palsy intimacy of Pauline Kael, but Lane plays too much the aesthete.

    Really, does that sentence have any place in a movie review? I think it literally (and I don’t use that word lightly) tells us nothing about the film in question. Is this just to invite the New Yorker’s clever readers to a private chuckle of literary camaraderie?

  3. true: it tells us nothing about the film, and I’m not even sure how it works as a critique: it seems like nothing save an over-clever remark. Also, the “Jeremiah” seems redundant.

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