Ten Things I Hate About Heath Ledger Dying

1. Not sure if he finished filming Batman sequel.
2. Left behind infant daughter.
3. All of his roles will now go to ersatz-Heath James Franco.
4. Known for rejecting lucrative crap roles in favor of more challenging ones.
5. Kicked ass in Brokeback Mountain.
6. Was only part I liked about Monster’s Ball.
7. My favorite Dylan in I’m Not There. (‘I love women; everyone should have one.’)
8. Acting would have been even better in maturity.
9. Twenty-eight years old is not very many years old.
10. Major bro, period.

Rest in peace, mate.

~ by ohkrapp on January 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “Ten Things I Hate About Heath Ledger Dying”

  1. word

  2. i think if someone had asked me yesterday “who is the one young actor it would make you saddest to see die?”

    i would have said, “what? um, i don’t know, dude.”

    then, if they said, “heath ledger”

    i would have been like, “OH HELL NO, NOT HEATH.”

    i am oddly still bummed out this, even though it was a famous person i never met (well, i did see him at a bar in cobble hill). rip, again.

  3. yeah, but Heath was really a Mate more than a Bro. His mates included the likes of P Diddy and dare I say Mary kate Olsen. The man crossed boundaries on and off the screen like no one else in the Biz. He was jumping hurdles like a Kangaroo until the Joker came along, seriously Jack Nicholson even warned him about it. He died after painfully adapting his mind to the sadistic madness of a failed clown, and somehow his reality followed suit until the echo’s in his head matched up to the rhythm of Insanity. That being said, the Alegory of the Dark knight might actually conceal something of the dangers in Art, rather than the pitfalls of Heroism.

  4. well said

  5. […] enlightening conversations I’ve ever had was with a friend around the time of the release of Brokeback Mountain (2005). This friend is intelligent in the traditional sense: well-educated, well-traveled, […]

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