Welcome to Krapp’s Last Blog 2.0. I hope you like the changes. For you non-bloggers, there’s a sort of Mac vs. PC-like war between Blogger and WordPress, and I’ve turned coat. It might look similar to you, but behind the scenes, there’s a lot more going on: more customization and categorization options, better tracking stats so I can see not only how many visitors I’ve had, but how they got here, what they read, and where they’ve gone from the links I provide. (Dont’ worry, I can’t tell who’s been where.) Blogger was a great place to start (and I wish her well in all her future endeavors), but WordPress is the place for the direction I want to take Krapp’s Last Blog: posts that are shorter, less casual and more informative, more frequent, more topical, and featuring more multimedia than Blogger could support. I’ll still get in a few rambling epics, too, I’m sure.

For upcoming content, expect some thoughts on Raymond Carver, The Darjeeling Limited, my favorite albums of the year so far and, perhaps, a week-long special on classical music. (Those 2007 film and music lists are gathering dust somewhere. Maybe they’ll show up, too, along with this ridiculous post about female orgasms which Sebastian can publish if I die.) This is all possible because I have finals right now and I should be writing dozens of pages and reading hundreds. Pity. Taking a cue from Slate’s Procrastination Week, I’ve decided that, if I’m not going to do what I’m supposed to be doing, I’ll feel less guilt if I’m doing something arguably productive, that is: consuming artistic media (this is a decidedly un-political blog) and discussing them.

Discussing them with you, dear reader. The greatest setback in my academic progress is an inability to write convincingly about things I don’t know about and don’t care about. (You can usually get by with one or the other.) That’s why, set free on Krapp’s Last Blog, I write about things I do care about, even if I still know little about them. I don’t expect all our interests to coextend, but if you ever read something here that you find funny, informative, inspiring, insipid, offensive or simply wrongheaded, please make yourself heard. Vivat vox populi! It’s the only way I’ll learn.


~ by ohkrapp on May 15, 2008.

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