Ze dirt, et tastes like the scum!

This weekend, my mom was cleaning out an old cabinet with some creative documents from my childhood in it. She scanned a few and I thought I’d share them. (I have finals this week, anyway; the more hands-off my blogging is, the more time I’ll ostensibly have to work.) The first is one of my brother’s journal entries, and the second is a scene I drew (probably for Sunday School) from the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ carol.

1 – 10 of about 49 for ‘three freedom hens’. (0.29 seconds)… Click on the images to enlarge them.


~ by ohkrapp on May 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “Ze dirt, et tastes like the scum!”

  1. Your brother needs to take up writing again post haste (presuming he has let it drop)! “Saturday I forgot” is one of the best opening lines I’ve ever read. In fact, the whole thing is golden. Your piece is a bit more obscure and allegorical; I think I’ll need access to a pretty serious research library to make any headway.

  2. Aujourd’hui, papa m’a emmené en aventure. Ou peut-être hier, je ne sais pas. Samedi j’ai oublié.

  3. i chortled into my brandy snifter as i wrote that

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