Air France: Have Fun, Will Travel

‘Cunt’ is such an ugly word. It’s offensive, of course, but I say plenty of offensive things: they give you that giddy taboo feeling and, often, they’re fun to say. ‘Cunt,’ however, does nothing for me. I don’t even like typing it.

But after spending over an hour researching and carefully formatting my very first Wikipedia entry for Air France, my new favorite band, only to have it permanently deleted forever a full two minutes after I published it, I had no other recourse. ‘Agh! What cunty–? Who the fuck?’ Before I realized what had happened, I sent the dead-end link to a friend to show her how I spent my afternoon. She thought I was bragging about deleting the entry for Air France airlines.

Apparently, Air France the band from Sweden is not yet notable enough to merit a Wikipedia entry. This seemed at first like a misunderstanding (maybe you haven’t heard any of their tracks?), so I posted another, more thorough article featuring as many mentions in the legitimate media that I could find. (There weren’t many.) Deleted again! I confronted the guilty editor, who (very politely) explained, in great detail, why Wikipedia was not yet ready for Air France. And after reading through the literature, I agreed: it’s not. Although, as I was walking away from it all, I did feel like some shrouded denizen of the distant future, grinning as I flipped my wide-eyed editor a glowing space coin: ‘Oh. 2008, you say? Air France?’ I chuckle. ‘Who are they again?’

I’m not officially in an altered state. This night that was supposed to be dedicated to finishing my final paper. That plan, once the fire caught on, quickly devolved into turning my gigantic headphones up to a glorious volume and blasting the new Air France EP, No Way Down, all night long. Really. The sun is coming up. I’m on my dozenth listen, swaying in a blissful demi-coma, and will probably keep it up until someone intervenes. I know,

”It’s sorta like a dream.’ ‘No, better.’ ‘It’s sorta like a dream.’

The Knife. The Tough Alliance. Studio. Boat Club. Jens Lekman. Air France. What do all these bands have in common? Yes, they’re all making the best damn music in the world right now. (Especially Air France.) And they’re all from Sweden! I’m going to see Deerhunter tonight. They had better rock my world, because I don’t know how much more I can take of that Brooklyn Dance Dance Revolution on the distortion pedals nonsense. I’m about to trade in all my plaid for frilly tuxedo shirts and suspenders and move to Gothenburg.

I don’t really know what else say about Air France. It’s, it’s

‘It’s sorta like a dream.’

No, better.

‘It’s sorta like a dream.’

No, better. Or maybe a dream, if the dream was like the parade in Paprika, with more pastels, horns, clapping, cries of joy, piano scores with runny yellow ink. It makes Easter seem like the best holiday. Maybe it’s Super Mario RPG on Majorca. Am I dancing about architecture here? I can’t help it. Air France: it’s sort of..


June Evenings

Collapsing at Your Doorstep

No Excuses


~ by ohkrapp on June 3, 2008.

7 Responses to “Air France: Have Fun, Will Travel”

  1. well after having listened to it four more times today, i’m convinced that this is probably the best music ever recorded, an instant classic. . .

    and look at ol’ p-fork trying to steal my shit.

    (i guess it’s bad class to link to blogs that list the entire album for download, but a well-timed google search is all you need)

  2. Hey Greg,

    Yeah, you’re dead on about this EP. I’ve been listening to it all morning (it’s a great morning record). You should check out the UK band Quiet Village ( for more of these kinds of fuzzed out, sample-heavy, schmaltzy-in-a-good-way, AM-band jams. They just released their first full-length, Silent Movie. You will love it.

    BTW, I’m going to be studying in Freiburg in the fall. It’s only like a ten minute drive to France…

  3. pssst: (full album)

  4. thanks for the tip, beardo-sley. i’ll see your quiet village and raise you a Boat Club

  5. […] the most fruitful facets of the Balearic Revival are groups like Studio. My unabashed love for Air France is well-documented (Boat Club and The Bridal Shop have potential; The Tough Alliance still seem […]

  6. […] I’m going to Sweden for a while. I’ll spend the first weekend in Gothenburg, then a few idyllic days in the South at Helsingborg (perhaps with a hop over to Copenhagen or Malmö), and then up to the mother reindeer herself: Stockholm. I’m excited not only because it’s my first time in a new country (and a very cool country; indeed: the coolest country), but also because I’m going to be doing my first semi-professional piece of journalism: an interview with the mighty Studio for a new American culture magazine. (If you haven’t yet had a chance to hear Yearbook 2, a collection of their remixes, do so post-haste!) I’ll be less discrete once it’s all in the can. (I might also fit in a chat with Air France.) […]

  7. […] Air France is up to something. (Shame about the name, eh? Might have to wait a few years before they can reclaim that gliding-on-trade-winds levity.) They’ve got a new site up, GBG Belongs to Us, a multi-part tribute to their fine city. Part I tells you what trains to take to get to their secret party spots, Part II is a new if undistinguished track (’GBG Belongs to Us’), and Part III is a video. Very nice. […]

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