No Train to Stockholm

I’m going to Sweden for the first time next week with my buddy Chris, and this photo (that I lifted from Linus’ [second from left] Facebook profile and had a little Photoshop fun with) made me really excited about the trip. I know this was just some candid snap, but I think it’s genuinely one of the best amateur photos I’ve seen. The composition is perfect. It’s so inviting it could almost be a postcard. ‘Come to Sweden! Marvel at our unnaturally attractive natives! See the future of fashion! Eat a reindeer!’ But, forget not: it’s Sweden: land of the Midnight Sun. And even though I’m never really sure which one of the Scandinavian fingers it is (anyone got a mnemonic device?), I know its people; Bergman hath made me privy to the seething soul-caverns of these outwardly blithe spirits. What sordid passions harbor you there? What existential wonders linger? Raise your hand if you’ve lost your faith!

Anyway, see you next week, guys. Try to get all that sorted out before we get there.

~ by ohkrapp on June 27, 2008.

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