Krapp och Studio

I’m going to Sweden for a while. I’ll spend the first weekend in Gothenburg, then a few idyllic days in the South at Helsingborg (perhaps with a hop over to Copenhagen or Malmö), and then up to the mother reindeer herself: Stockholm. I’m excited not only because it’s my first time in a new country (and a very cool country; indeed: the coolest country), but also because I’m going to be doing my first semi-professional piece of journalism: an interview with the mighty Studio for a new American culture magazine. (If you haven’t yet had a chance to hear Yearbook 2, a collection of their remixes, do so post-haste!) I’ll be less discrete once it’s all in the can. (I might also fit in a chat with Air France.)

Look forward to a review of the Best Music of 2008 so far, a Turkish coffee tutorial, an examination of the French hipster, and an interview with lieutenant Autodidact and incorrigible neo-Romantic Sebastian. In the meantime, do you ever visit 20 Jazz Funk Greats? You should. Someone should give those guys a damn medal.



~ by ohkrapp on July 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Krapp och Studio”

  1. My dear greggou, could you please provide me with the exact meaning of “cool”. It seems you use this word a lot.. and I’d like to understand if the word cool only echoes to something/someone fashionable/hip or if it’s stronger than that? I hope it’s not that shallow…

  2. julie,

    i think english speakers mainly use ‘cool’ the same way the french people do (but you would know better). for me, ‘cool’ is not limited to the hip and fashionable, although sometimes they’re used interchangeably.

    for example, my grandpa is cool, and he is far from hip or fashionable. he lives with my grandma on a cool farm. it’s cool because the countryside is beautiful and their house is near the edge of a lake. he’s lived a pretty cool life, too. he grew up in a small bulgarian community in ohio and served in burma during the war. cool, right?

    chris took me to a pretty cool bar in the 5th. the people are nice, the drinks are cheap, and it’s on a charming, cobblestone street. it’s pleasant. it’s agreeable. it’s cool. it’s not hip, though.

    the bottle shop is cool and hip. it’s cool because it has a good atmosphere, they play good music, and the people you meet there are friendly.. it’s hip because, well, um, young-ish people hang out there that dress a certain, similar way, and they share the same taste and values. in the social hierarchy they’ve created, they are the ruling class, and they exclude and avoid (or at least observe a difference between them and) ‘the others’ who do not dress the same or share their values and who hang out at different, non-hip bars.

    another bar might be hip but not cool. it has a reputation for being hip, and they advertise themselves as ‘the place to be,’ but the music is bad, the drinks are expensive, and you never seem to have fun when you go there. not cool.

    all sorts of things can be cool: babies, recipes, planets. mars, for instance. cool planet.

    when i said that Sweden was ‘a cool country,’ i meant that is was pleasant, fun. then when i said ‘the coolest country,’ i wanted to expand the meaning to include ‘hip,’ because sweden is, after all, pretty damn hip.

    we can continue this discussion tonight over drinks.

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