Dreams 08.02.08

There are four passages in a book that I keep wanting to re-read and I’m looking for the book. I step off the subway and I only have a few seconds to get all my things off. I have my copy of The Watchmen with me, but instead of being a single-volume collection, it’s three heaping piles of issues. The doors keep closing on me, but I manage to get them all off. I don’t get my sack, however, and I’m mad at my girlfriend for not helping me so I push her and she runs away.

I go to a park that’s a cross between Washington Square Park in New York and Treptower Park in Berlin. On the way I see my brother and he asks me how the game is going, the game being the dream reality I’m living and the mission that I’m supposed to accomplish. I answer that I already beat everything, I fought the two samurai bosses, but I can’t get higher than 75% completion. He tells me not to worry, because when he was playing some dragon game it took forever, too.

I’m dressed in samurai armor and I keep jumping like Samus in the first Metroid, curling into a ball but never uncurling in time to land on my feet. I continue into the park and see my girlfriend sitting next to her old roommate who’s crying. I ask what the matter is and they point to a large date painted on the side of a building, but the letters are obscured by another building.


~ by ohkrapp on August 3, 2008.

8 Responses to “Dreams 08.02.08”

  1. Uhh…don’t worry Greg. I’ll have that book review soon.

  2. I’m sorry too. I’ll get back to working on my interview answers.

  3. i warned ye

    didn’t i warn ye?

  4. l,r: mischa, sofia

  5. greg, that picture is too near the bone. do you really think i look that much more judgemental than mischa? or is it just because i cannot grow a mustasche?

  6. i’m cracking up over here



  8. i’m still wondering.

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