I Don’t Hate You: Krapp’s Second Podcast

Richard Avedon. Paris, 1957.

December 2011 Update:

I’ve ‘remastered’ this mix by separating it into individual tracks. It’s a tad overlong now without the edits, but at least you can pick and choose the songs you like. Purists can still stream the original version. New listeners will want to…

Download I Don’t Hate You (2011)

Enjoy. As always, you’ll find the tracklist in the comments section.

 * * *

Well, that was fast: summer’s almost over. Actually, I still have six weeks or so until the semester starts up again. I’m going to spend most of that time in New York. And yet! I’ve still got those pesky papers on an unspecified topic due on an unspecified date; French professors go sort of AWOL in August. As part of my rigorous procrastination process, I made a mix for this neat girl who’s helping me correct my papers. And then I thought to be, er, efficient and so now I’m podcasting it.

Unlike in my breathy first podcast (where I sound very, eh, punchable), there are no spoken interludes here. I lost access to my microphone. And unlike in the two mixes I’ve made (one, two), you won’t be able to play the songs individually. They’ve all been woven together into a sensual, sonic fabric by yours truly. The theme is love, good and bad.

I made this with the trial version of Virtual DJ. The transitions, effects, beat matching and so on are recorded ‘live,’ so there’s a little (little) element of performance here. This is my first attempt at a proper DJ mix, so I hope you (and Jens Lekman’s percussionist) will cut me some slack. Virtual DJ only lets me use a small portion of the music on my computer (and none of my girl groups; something to do with the file extensions), so I’m working from a limited love palette. A few options to hear it:

1. Sign up for Krapp’s Last Blog RSS Feed. Every time I post a podcast, iTunes will automatically download it. You can also use this service to be notified whenever I post anew (instead of frantically checking back several times a day). [Update: that link should download new podcasts. If that doesn’t work, go to iTunes > Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast, and then enter http://feeds.feedburner.com/ohkrapp%5D Hubris: 1, Me: 0. Setting up a podcast is damn hard. You can still subscribe to the podcast, but, somewhere in the process, the Animal Collective track got a little corrupted and my neuroses won’t allow it. (This might just be a matter of waiting until the feeds update themselves. The correct running time is 54:47; don’t listen to the 55:44 version)

Until I get this all figured out, please download a proper version mix the old-fashioned way. I even made an adorable little icon for it.

Or stream it directly here.

I hope to be busy the next two weeks finishing these papers (and entertaining Olympic tennis gold medalist manqué, Meng), but you can look forward to an interview with Sofia, a report on my recent trip to the French Riviera, an open letter to John Edwards, and a queasy list of French euphemisms for sex.


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4 Responses to “I Don’t Hate You: Krapp’s Second Podcast”

  1. francoise hardy – je pense a lui
    hamilton bohannon – i wonder why
    big star – femme fatale
    lalo schifrin – warning: live blueberries
    jens lekman – someone to share my life with
    robert wyatt – at last i am free
    raincoats – lola
    homosexuals – nursery chymes
    animal collective – baby day
    marvin gaye – i want you
    sebastien tellier – la ritournelle
    charlie – spacer woman
    yo la tengo – you can have it all
    buffy st. marie – guess who i saw in paris
    orpheus – can’t find the time
    field mice – kiss and make up

  2. I love this.

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