Dreams 09.14.08

I’m a student at a floating martial arts academy, a series of grassy sky islands. The size of my body fluctuates drastically, so that when I spar with the other students, I’m alternately struggling to keep my balance atop ever shrinking sky debris or isolated in the middle of an expansive plateau. My relationship with the other students also oscillates between friendly competition and murderous antagonism. We fight with sharp and rusty swords, but the blades are surrounded by a glowing pastel light that prevents them from cutting. At the end of a crucial match against an unknown woman, I turn off my sword’s safety light and drag the blade across the lower contour of her belly.

* * *

I’m at a party on the face of a steep cliff overlooking the ocean. My friend Theo climbs up a rock and starts belting a song by the Tough Alliance. I accompany him on the guitar. The partygoers dance and applaud us wildly when we finish. Then another group of younger kids down the beach starts performing the exact same song. I look at them as if to say, ‘No, really: that sounds terrible.’


~ by ohkrapp on September 15, 2008.

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