The Bars My Destination

My apologies to readers for the last few weeks. The content has been few, far between and a bit uninspired. I’ve been traveling, first in Brittany and now in New York. I’ll be here into October, temping, reading, eating all of Sebastian’s gourmet butter, sleeping on his porous air mattress and patronizing Kim’s Underground like an addict. (Speaking of Sebastian, great story: our favorite e-romancer goes into a Lithuanian delicatessen to get some prime cold cuts. He sees a powdered pastry in the widow and asks the proprietor its name. ‘Eh? Oh: yellydonna,’ he responds. Sebastian orders one of the exotic yellydonnas and bites into it. A fruity confection fills his mouth. ‘That’s delicious! Could you say the name again so I can tell my friends about it?’ The proprietor: ‘Yelly. Donut.’ *Rimshot!*)

I also finally finished my last paper for school and the one that I posted last week was well-received, although that doesn’t guarantee me a place in Paris next semester. I should know in the next week or two.

Things to look forward to around here: The New Krapp 21st Century Film Canon, Krappcast No. 3, an interview with Sebastian (the Chinese Democracy of posts) and Classical Music Week.

My procrastination makes me lead a guilty life. For the past several months, all of my alleged free time has been tainted by the spectre of obligation. How can you enjoy anything if you know you should be doing something else? For the next two to three weeks, I am genuinely free. I got proper smashed last night at Chris’s, woke up in the early afternoon, watched two Polish war films and ate a kale salad. Now I’m headed to the bar. Life is good. Life is good.


~ by ohkrapp on September 21, 2008.

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