Samuel Beckett: Company (No. 7)

A small boy you come out of Connolly’s Stores holding your mother by the hand. You turn right and advance in silence southward along the highway. After some hundred paces you head inland and broach the long steep homeward. You make ground in silence hand in hand through the warm summer air. It is late afternoon and after some hundred paces the sun appears above the crest of the rise. Looking up at the blue sky and then at your mother’s face you break the silence asking her if it is not in reality much more distant than it appears. The sky that is. The blue sky. Receiving no answer you mentally reframe your question and some hundred paces later look up at her face again and ask her if it does not appear much less distant than in reality it is. For some reason you could never fathom this question must have angered her exceedingly. For she shook off your little hand and made you a cutting retort you have never forgotten.


~ by ohkrapp on October 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “Samuel Beckett: Company (No. 7)”

  1. we read this aloud at the james wood conference yesterday. sebastian underwrote my attendance. note the rare and mysterious 2nd person and the ambiguity of sky/face(?) question.

  2. You were at a James Wood concert? I mean conference? You know I wrote an essay on his book for your blog like I said I would but then I decided I didn’t like it (my essay) so I never sent it to you. What was the conference on? Or was it on James Wood?

  3. it was a ‘master class’ at the new yorker festival with james wood. 90 minutes of (seemingly) arbitrary text analysis. it was sort of like taking a college class with wood (which i guess you could do if you went to harvard). he’s a clever guy– and i’m sure the book is great– but the conference felt more like a contractual formality.

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