Ten Reasons I Will Never Become President

* * *

10. General, thinly veiled contempt.

9. Being a cocktail-drinking, art-loving, book-reading East Coast liberal.

8. Younger brother of tree-hugging, free-loving, electric-car-developing West Coast liberal.

7. Not ashamed to say that arugula is tastier and more nutritious than iceberg.

6. Once rolled joint with page from Bible (a.k.a. King J).

5. Attended session of Communist Party USA freshman year of college.

4. Speak French. Live in France!

3. Copy of The Holy Qur’an in Amazon cart.

2. Unverified reports of taking a crap in a Tom Coburn yard sign during the 2004 elections.

1. In student film, set fire to American flag.


~ by ohkrapp on October 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Ten Reasons I Will Never Become President”

  1. Ten reasons your such a cool man.

    PS: Will have to ask you about that “unverified rumor” on Tom Coburn.

  2. 11. girlfriend hates whitey

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