Special Report From The End of the World


It is the end of days. There are two bands and only two bands: The Velvet Underground and My Bloody Valentine. There are no others. It is the end of days. Subjectivity has no dominion here.

Special drunken rant report from Chris:

Look, you’ve got two options: either you’ve got something that you think will somehow sum up where you think music will go, where you hope music has been, and the aesthetic with which you hope music will continue.  Or, you’ve got the best music of your childhood, the most breathtaking meditation on whether we’ve gone anywhere after it all, after all our love, after all our searching for something else, after all we want from this imperfect world.  It’s hard to not think of all that we haven’t done, of all that we could do, when faced with the records we’d have to listen to when we wouldn’t have anything else to listen to.  There’s hope, there’s failure, there’s life, there’s death.

So really, why MBV after all?

Well, there’s a million different answers.  But chief among them is the fact that there is a certain degree of the unknown, and no better band hints at what could be the most difficult thing (Greg’s homosexuality) to admit, what could save us as we go down, a fireball amongst the insignificant clouds, a thunderclap against the unknown, then the saving grace of a MBV drone, a breath against that which is known, a breath which is something with which to rejoice.  Because to choose between two bands is nonsense when a plane is falling without a hope; a hope would be hearing he crash of each album, as we ascend, our hands crossed against our chests, hoping that the unknown is more than just the end of our record collections.

Our life is, sadly, what we make.  Embrace, and in the end, ‘Until You Sleep’ will play as we go down.  If it didn’t, would we even be human?


~ by ohkrapp on November 10, 2008.

One Response to “Special Report From The End of the World”

  1. Good lord, even I don’t understand this. At least I remember writing (some of) it.

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