The Best Album of 2009


[They] then alternately lurched, shrieked, pounded, and twiddled their way through a manic medley of old favorites, melismatic interludes, and new material from what will likely be the best album of the next decade if its impact survives the transfer from stage to studio.’ KLB, 26 October 2007

In general, I have many broad predilections but very few acute ones. I can geek out about new Criterion releases, the Pavement reissues, Philip K. Dick in the Library of America, the Messiaen centennial. But my anticipation rarely reaches the apoplectic levels preceding a new Animal Collective release. (The Final Fantasy series is perhaps their only competitor.)

Merriweather Post Pavillion will be released on January 20th in the U.S. We’ve been hearing tracks from it since 2007, in person or on shaky Youtube footage. ‘My Girls’ (originally known as ‘House’) if the first taste we’ve had of what the produced tracks will sound like. (The Water Curses EP released this year is also great, although it’s more of an extension of Strawberry Jam than a harbinger of MPP.)

Animal Collective, ‘My Girls

This bodes well. I can’t judge the entire album based on this one track, but they have reportedly forgone the yelping that brought down some of the Strawberry Jam‘s track and moved towards the insinuating texture of numbers like ‘#1’ and recent Panda Bear work. (The rolling synth in the background sounds lifted from Frankie Knuckles ‘Your Love.’) Enjoy.

I’ve already been shut down once for posting mp3s (Blondie isn’t public domain yet?) so download this sooner rather than later. Do not try to download any supposed leak: the music geek blogosphere is atwitter with a very legitimate looking version of the album which is actually eleven consecutive Rickrolls! The few people that already have the album aren’t sharing it, and good for them. Besides, I want that trippy cover art vinyl-size.


~ by ohkrapp on December 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Best Album of 2009”

  1. Thank you sir!

  2. […] stand by my enthusiasm for the new Animal Collective record. I have it in full now, and it’s glorious in parts. But […]

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