Dreams 11-12.01.09

Jon Stewart is the referee at a mutant league football game. One of the players commits a foul and Jon gets in his face. The player slaps Jon twice and Jon looks dumbfounded. I ask to see a replay and I’m shown a clip of Zero from the Megaman series teleporting in front of the camera the scene and yelling in Finnish. I think, ‘I should really send this to Mischa.’

* * *

I’m at Obama’s inauguration and several political figures are on stage. Rick Warren and a black minister are reciting a prayer together, trading off each line. Warren says, ‘And then a mighty wind blew,’ and the other minister says, ‘A wind so mighty you got to run a fucking comb through your hair after,’ and everyone laughs except Warren, who looks embarrassed. Then Blagojevich tries to speak and everyone looks around like, ‘What is he doing here?’ and the audience silences him with books.

There’s a screen above the stage where everyone present can send text messages that appear for a few seconds. One person’s text appears, and the next text makes fun of it for using the British spelling of a word. Everyone laughs.

* * *

I’m building ramparts along a cliff to protect my side from the enemy directly across the ravine. They send a blue dragon across the bridge who rams my keep, but it holds. The bridge collapses beneath him and he falls.


~ by ohkrapp on January 12, 2009.

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