Dreams 04.02.09

I’m at a Fever Ray concert and all my things keep falling out of my pockets. Karin Dreijer is topless and she seems to be trying to raise money for the concert series as if it were a wildlife fund. She says, ‘If you want to keep seeing concerts like this one…’ and shows a clip from a Knife concert. I see my old roommate, Nico, in the video and yell, ‘Oh my god! I was there!’ and everyone laughs. Then Karin quotes Marx in Swedish and a young Swedish girl comes up and whispers something to Karin and I understand that the girl’s discovered something under the bleachers and she thinks it’s a bomb.

Karin asks for the seats to be opened and they reveal a large black ball with a digital red timer counting down. I run out of the building as it explodes and am on the streets of a carnivalesque, post-apocalyptic version of Oklahoma City. I have to get back to the truck where Laure is waiting so we can drive back to Tulsa. I pass through a shantytown and walk in front of a mechanic’s shack and say, ‘I think my relative used to work here in the 70s,’ and the gruff mechanic eyes me and then proposes that his son and I start up a correspondence so we can both keep up with what’s happening in Oklahoma City and Paris.

It sounds like a good idea and I draw a picture of a typical meal in Paris: a Cornish game hen with beets and spinach. ‘It looks small but the portions are large,’ but I mean, ‘The portions are large but it looks small.’


~ by ohkrapp on February 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “Dreams 04.02.09”

  1. cracked out :/

  2. These are always my favorite.

  3. I’m waiting for you in a truck while you’re at a Fever Ray concert! How dumb am I? :)

  4. I agree with Maura, and with this dream the other posts pale in comparison. Cornish game hen…

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