Philosophy Podcasts

bertrand-russell-smokes-pipeCasting pods, you say?

Philosophy Bites — Brief, accessible interviews with a specialist on a topic du jour. Highlights: Ray Monk on philosophical biography, Robert Rowland Smith on Derrida, Adrian Moore on Kant’s metaphysics.

Philosopher’s Zone — More elaborate discussions on more elaborate topics. Nice tribute to the late Arne Naess this week.

Les vendredis de la philosophie — Weekly radio program on France Culture. Alternately tedious, exhausting and obscure with occasional bright moments, especially when they dig into the archives. Check out last week’s vintage interview with an ancient Julien Benda. Heavy emphasis on metaphysics and ethics. (In French.)

College de France (Philosophie) — A semester’s worth of lectures on a single subject. Rather dry, especially the philosophy (there’s also literature, law and biology); sixteen hours on philosophical systems is beyond me. Hardcore autodidacts only. (In French.)

Let me know if you find others. Watch out for new age meditations on peace and veganism masquerading as ‘Philosophy.’

~ by ohkrapp on February 8, 2009.

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