Dreams 05.07.09

I’m visiting the library in the attic of an abandoned house and Philip Roth is the librarian. I tell him that I know who he is, but that I’m really just there to find a book. He grimaces when he sees that I’m holding a microphone and says that he doesn’t mind answering a few questions. Some other people come in looking for a hyena, but they don’t even recognize who the librarian is.


~ by ohkrapp on July 6, 2009.

5 Responses to “Dreams 05.07.09”

  1. hyenas and other men are here
    i wonder if ‘hyena’ is not some sort of anagram in your dream?

  2. trish.. those pics are.. so wicked! very ‘Henderson the Rain King’

    everyone else: thanks for putting up with my dream posts. i try to keep them short.

  3. I’ve said it once (I think) and I’ll say it again: the dream posts are the best!

  4. What Mischa said

  5. i like this, greg. it reminds me of “operation shylock”!

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