Dreams 04-07.09.09

I’m performing in a benefit concert with Bette Midler. Just before the curtain goes up, I stop her and say, ‘Bette, I know that we’ve been rehearsing for weeks, but I can’t remember anything I’m supposed to say. It’s just like an actor’s nightmare, but I’m sure this isn’t a dream.’ When the curtain does go up, I lie down behind one of the set pieces and no one notices.

* * *

The sunlight coming through the window is too bright and I can’t sleep in. I go to it to lower the blinds. There’s a plant on the window sill, and its only bud blossoms into a tarantula, its legs unfolding like petals.

* * *

I kiss Laure during Mass.


~ by ohkrapp on September 7, 2009.

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