A Sad Mix’s Best For Winter

like the onset of some cold glaucoma dimming over the world

This was supposed to be an autumn mix, but then it started getting a tad wintry (the music, I mean). Then I decided it needed to have some Orange Juice on it (in homage to Chris’ recent seasonal comp), and became intent on using this apocalyptic, not-at-all-indicative-of-any-solstice still from Tarkovski’s Nostalghia (’83) as the cover art. So, the mix might be thematically confused, but the music is nonetheless good. (The title comes from the Shakespeare’s underrated Troilus and Cressida.)

Download Winter From Your Lips

Once you have the file, unzip it and drag the whole folder into your preferred digital music player application. Tracklist is in the comments section. This time I struggled to make sure my sequencing wouldn’t be lost in the transfer and it seems to have worked. Enjoy!


~ by ohkrapp on November 21, 2009.

6 Responses to “A Sad Mix’s Best For Winter”

  1. robert wyatt – heaps of sheep
    chris & cosey – october (love song)
    belle & sebastian – long black scarf
    gandalf – hang on to a dream
    raymond scott – portofino #2
    cocteau twins – those eyes, that mouth
    guided by voices – chicken blows
    the field mice – an earlier autumn
    orange juice – wan light
    united states of america – cloud song
    france gall – ne dis pas aux copains
    sonny sharrock – who does she hope to be?
    orchestral manoeuvres in the dark – sacred heart
    lee hazlewood – my autumn’s done come

  2. excellent, excellent mix, dude.

  3. that is wonderful dude

  4. excelent mixtape, thanks

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