Sometimes, you have to do your duty: study, send mail, socialize, sleep. Other times, you have to get bloody sideways and collect comet medals in Super Mario Galaxy 2 until the street lamps expire. The occasional, happy by-product of evenings like this are hazy vows—which, oddly, I’m more likely to honor than other kinds—such as ‘I shall not sleep until I have completed my summer mix.’

I’m still squinting in the afterglow here, but despite exceeding the ideal 42-minute mix limit, I’m pretty proud of it. You can hear a few motifs (lyrical and musical; the melody of ‘Couleurs’ near the start of ‘Harlem Love Theme,’ for example), references to the two preceding summer mixes, and even some thematic coherence: however disparate the sounds, they’re summarily indicative of a particular sound that says ‘summer’ to Krapp.

I couldn’t resist a few indulgences, which you might end up skipping. No track appears for irony’s sake. The title is of course an homage to that perennial summer favorite, XTC’s Skylarking. Remember that you have to unzip the folder before adding it to your preferred music player. I endured a duller shade of tedium to ensure that the sequencing take care of itself, so if you notice the slightest stitch in this handwrought sonic weave, please consult the track-list in the comments section to make sure that nothing was lost in transition.

Download Skylark [fixed Nov. 2012]

I have friends across the pond who remain regular readers (if you can call it that) with whom I haven’t been in touch lately, although I think of them (you) often. I wanted to thank them (you) for putting up with my distance. We’ll all live in the same city some day. This mix is dedicated to you and to the summer we couldn’t spend together.


~ by ohkrapp on July 30, 2010.

5 Responses to “Skylark”

  1. A quand dans les bacs?

  2. burl ives – leather-winged bat
    ariel pink – round and round
    united states of america – perry pier
    blueboy – hit
    bee gees – i close my eyes
    sandy marton – people from ibiza
    owen pallett – red sun no. 5
    boat club – all the time
    television personalities – look back in anger
    bobby womack – harlem love theme
    modesty blaise – carol mountain
    alex chilton – don’t worry baby (fragment)
    vitor hublot – aller simple
    honeybunch – sticks and stones
    shop assistants – train from kansas city
    karl-heinz schafer – couleurs
    burl ives – baby did you hear
    black lips – dirty hands

  3. this must be a melancholy summer

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