Bent Larsen

1935 - 2010

One of my favorite players. I spent this summer reading his Fifty Selected Games.

At the Amsterdam Interzonal, 1964, which Larsen won, one of his opponents remarked: ‘While preparing for this tournament, all the other players studied Boleslavsky‘s latest innovations. Larsen studied Greco and Philidor.’

Here’s the shortest game he ever played against a grandmaster:

Bobotsov vs. Larsen, 0-1. Busum, 1969. English Opening, Anglo-Indian Defense. (Annotations by Larsen)

  1. c4   Nf62
  2. Nc3   e6
  3. Nf3   Bb4
  4. g3   O-O
  5. Bg2   d5
  6. O-O?   dxc4!
  7. Qa4   Na6!
  8. a3   Bd7
  9. Nb5   Qe8
  10. Nfd4   e5!
  11. Bxb7   exd4
  12. Bxa6   Bh3
  13. axb4?   Qe4
  14. Bb7   Qxb7
  15. f3   Bd7   0-1

If you don’t read algebraic chess notation, you can see the game here using Java.


~ by ohkrapp on September 11, 2010.

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