Mixtape: Welkin

As when to warn proud Cities warr appears
Wag’d in the troubl’d Skie, and Armies rush
To Battel in the Clouds, before each Van
Prick forth the Aerie Knights, and couch thir Spears
Till thickest Legions close; with feats of Arms
From either end of Heav’n the welkin burns.

• • •

Click here to download Welkin.

Full track list in the comments.

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~ by ohkrapp on October 30, 2012.

One Response to “Mixtape: Welkin”

  1. Welkin I:

    Peter Howell – Greenwich Chorus
    Lio – Amoureux Solitaires
    The Blue Rondos – Little Baby
    The Urinals – Black Hole
    Piero Umilani – Tra La Gente
    Kiki Gaida – Isole Vergini
    JK & Co. – Fly Me
    Vampyros Lesbos – Message
    Essential Logic – Martian Man
    Bill Fay – Maudy La Lune
    Elli & Jacno – Dans Tes Bras

    Welkin II:

    Bill Fay – Strangers in the Fields
    Etienne Daho – Il Ne Dira Pas
    Lynsey de Paul – Sleeping Blue Nights
    George Chakiris – Heart of a Teenage Girl
    Kim Jung Mi – Walking Alone in the Rain
    Arthur Russell – Your Motion Says
    Cher – Needles and Pins
    Freeborne – Land of Diana
    Paul & Linda McCartney – Ram On
    Elli & Jacno – L’Age Atomique
    The Starlets – P.S. – I Love You

    Photo: Lee Miller. Women with Fire Masks. London, 1941.

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