Mixtape: Stone Gas Honey / Stone Gas Sessions


‘…and you can bet your last money, it’s all gonna be a stone gas, honey.’

Click here to download Stone Gas Honey, a soul mix.

Full track list in the comments.

Keep on trucking with the mixes hereherehereherehere and here.

Photo credit: Lorna Simpson, 1957-2009 Interiors (detail), 2009.

* * *

The Stone Gas Sessions

Stone Gas Sessions


After I posted Stone Gas Honey, I was left with an extended ‘outtakes’ playlist which I found myself listening to more than Stone Gas Honey itself, so I pared it down into another short mix.

Click here to download the Stone Gas Sessions

Alternative Link

Full track list in the comments.

Photo Credit: Lorna Simpson. Selected Multiples: Backdrops circa 1940s, 1998.


~ by ohkrapp on December 27, 2013.

One Response to “Mixtape: Stone Gas Honey / Stone Gas Sessions”

  1. stone gas honey

    irma thomas – anyone who knows what love is (will understand)
    helene smith – i am controlled by your love
    family connection – this time
    wendy rene – i wish i were that girl
    majestees – let her go
    linda jones – hypnotized
    wendy rene – what will tomorrow bring
    weldon irvine – morning sunrise
    stevie wonder – hey love
    the mad lads – don’t have to shop around
    the specials – fool for your love
    arthur conley – i’m a lonely stranger

    eula cooper – i need you more
    mel torme – comin’ home baby
    disciples of soul – peek-a-boo
    after hours – i don’t wanna cry
    soul walkers – can i say it again
    sonia ross – breaking my heart
    the moments – to you with love
    reuben bell – it’s not easy
    the royal jesters – girl i can’t forget
    sky’s the limit – don’t be afraid (instrumental)
    johnny ace – cross my heart
    eydie gorme – everybody go home

    stone gas sessions

    fred williams – tell her
    the lovelites – how can i tell my mom and dad
    elements of peace – together (part ii)
    bettye swann – (my heart is) closed for the season
    deceptions – of all the hearts
    barbara lewis – hello stranger
    the webs – it’s so hard to break a habit
    rosie & ron – bring me happiness
    little ben & the cheers – (i’m not ready) to settle down
    johnson, hawkins, tatum & durr – you can’t blame me
    syl johnson – is it because i’m black
    the soul reflections – i love you baby

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